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In the US, curious bear visited the school

В США любопытный медведь посетил школу

People were not happy about this visit.

Residents of the suburbs of Boston (Massachusetts, USA) is not entirely happy when I noticed a bear near the building of the elementary school.

The beast showed no aggression and it was obvious that he just set out to walk. However, everyone knew that bear on the streets is not the place, but because the struggle with the intruder, police arrived and animal control.

The bear managed to scare, after which he climbed the tree, but it did not help. The visitor was put to sleep with tranquilizer, then went to the vet for examination. Doctors look at the bear and decide whether to release him into the wild or leave them in the nursery.

Update: The bear is in the Mass Enviornmental Police truck. He is safe, unharmed and on the way to western Mass #ArlingtonMA Thank you to all agencies involved for the best possible outcome.

Gepostet von Arlington, Massachusetts Police Department am Freitag, 17. Mai 2019

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