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In the US, 150-pound woman crushed the child

В США 150-килограммовая женщина раздавила ребенкаThe girl’s mother asked my aunt to teach my niece, because she didn’t listen

64-year-old Veronica Posey, aunt girl, weighing in at 150 pounds, decided to punish nine-year-old niece. At first she started to beat her with a ruler and then with a metal pipe. The girl was frightened and climbed into a chair. Then the woman caught her and sat on top. The niece began to cry, unable to breathe, but the aunt did not get up for at least another ten minutes.

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When the woman stood up, the girl was already dead. Soon found that because of the lack of oxygen she suffered a heart attack.

Against Posey prosecuted for causing death by negligence. The girl’s parents also are charged with neglect of a child. It is worth noting that the family previously been registered with social services for the same reason. The trial is scheduled for November 3.

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