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In the United States made a loud statement about Kim Chen Yne

В США сделали громкое заявление о Ким Чен ЫнеTo the UN said that Kim Jong UN wants war.

In the opinion of U.S. permanent representative to the UN, Nikki Haley, of war seeks North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN. According to her in Washington do not want war.

“His (Kim Jong-UN — ed.) the misuse of missiles and nuclear threats show that he is seeking war. War is not what they want US and we don’t want it, but we will defend our allies and their territory,” said Haley.

The US representative called on the UN security Council to the most stringent measures against the DPRK.

“I want to say to the members of the UN security Council: we’ve had enough. A gradual approach, we tested, and despite best intentions, it didn’t work. We participated in many direct and multilateral talks with the regime, IC (North Korea — approx. ed.), and time after time they were not working,” said Haley.

According to her, any country, a leading business with the DPRK, should be considered an accomplice to the North Korean nuclear program.

Also she called “offensive” idea to stop the joint exercises of the US and its allies in exchange for the suspension of missile and nuclear tests of Pyongyang. Such a proposal was put forward by Russia and China.

Earlier, U.S. President Donald trump said that Washington is ready to use to protect themselves and allies “all measures” including nuclear weapons.

On the eve of the DPRK announced the successful test of a hydrogen warhead, which is designed to equip Intercontinental ballistic missiles.

In Moscow noted that “seriously watching the situation with North Korea,” urging instead of tightening the sanctions policy to seek direct dialogue with all stakeholders.

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