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In the United States have devised a novel form of contraception

В США изобрели оригинальный вид контрацепцииThe material from which it is made, 90% consists of water.

The material is very soft, durable and slippery, and can also absorb various drugs.

American scientists have created a unique condom that will revolutionize the world of contraceptives.

A group of scientists from Massachusetts Institute of technology reports that the new material that makes up the condom, called the hydrogel laminate. According to them, it is soft, durable and slippery, so that can absorb all kinds of medicines applied to it.

By itself, the hydrogel is an elastic, rubber material consisting of 90% water. However, he is extremely insightful and is able to pass even a tiny molecule. But if it cause the rubber material is an elastomer, it turns out convenient and impermeable product.

Scientists also have noted a great comfort when using a new product, because the hydrogel is very slippery and acts as a ultra lubricant.

As for his strength, the scientists were surprised by its properties: the condom withstood a strong enough load.

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