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In the United States came up with a novel way to protect workers on the road

В США придумали оригинальный способ обезопасить рабочих на дорогеFrom now on, the road workers will be under the protection of the drone.

The Department of transportation, Colorado (USA) will use in conducting road works unmanned trucks, protecting workers from accident.

So, in the repair and maintenance work is exposed to a certain risk of accident since drivers are sometimes installed too late to notice the signs and fence and enter the fenced area where work is being carried out

As noted by Wired, based on data from Federal highway administration, the national average in the USA for five minutes there is one accident in the work area (sometimes these accidents lead to injuries and even death of workers).

To protect road workers in the US used special trucks and shock-absorbing elements. While driving such a vehicle typically is still alive the driver who may get injured in the event of a collision.

Now the Department of transportation of the state of Colorado has decided to use unmanned version of these trucks. According to CNN, the launch of this initiative scheduled for the fall.

Protective car built by Royal Truck and Equipment, and their modification in the unmanned version of the company Kratos Defense, which usually works with military orders.

This truck is able to recognise obstacles. In this case the lead car will transmit data about its location to the truck via radio waves.

Test these trucks have been held for some time, but now, as Wired notes, they first began to be used without insurance driver test behind the wheel.

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