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In the States the cops foiled a robbery at the diner bears

В Штатах копы предотвратили ограбление закусочной медведямиThe gang catch “on hot” not the first time.

Police officers from the United States caught three of the bears decides to visit the diner at night. The video appeared on the Facebook account of the police station County of Placer, California.

The clip animals escape from the officer who pursues them, saying: “what are you guys doing?”. Along the way one of the bears can not resist the temptation and trying to dig into the box of garbage.

Trinity tried to invade the Taco Bell restaurant specializing in Mexican cuisine.

In the caption to the video, the police noted that they liked how the bears simultaneously jumped up and ran at the sight of a patrol car, as if the real criminals.

The locals in the comments noted that you see a trio of bears. Heather Kelly Lavoie (Lavoie Heather Kelly) noticed that they once tried to open the car at her house. Another commenter they reminded me of naughty Teens who were caught by the police.

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