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In the Russian humanitarian convoy missed 10 trucks

В российском гумконвое недосчитали 10 грузовиковInstead of 25 trucks in Donetsk and Lugansk profit 15.

Column of EMERCOM of Russia with the so-called humanitarian aid for the Donbas entered the territory of Ukraine. As reported in the press service of the Russian authorities, in a convoy of 25 trucks loaded with over 300 tons of humanitarian cargo.

According to the information on the route of the convoy of EMERCOM of Russia was divided into two parts. One of them arrived at the checkpoint “Donetsk”, the second “Matveyev-Kurgan”. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The Russian Ministry assured that the cars of EMERCOM of Russia was stopped at a checkpoint with an open back canopy of the body.

“Test passed not only equipment but also the accompanying documents on the humanitarian aid”, – stated in the message.

The bulk of the cargo, according to the emergency situations Ministry, food kits, among them formula milk, fruit, vegetable and meat purees, porridge and fruit juices.

In the militant-controlled media have already reported on the arrival to Donetsk 10 trucks at two warehouses, and in Lugansk – five cars of EMERCOM of Russia. What happened to the other 10 trucks with “humanitarian aid” – unknown.

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