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In the Kremlin assured that not buy turbines from Siemens

В Кремле заверили, что не покупали турбин у SiemensSupposedly turbines installed in the Crimea – its own production.

Russia has established in the occupied Crimea turbine of its own production and did not order them from the German company Siemens
This was stated press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov.

According to him, in the Crimea, was actually conducted work on the installation of turbines on elektrostantsii, but they were Russian production.

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“In Crimea is indeed installed turbines produced in Russia, collected in Russian companies”, – said Peskov.

At the same time, the press Secretary of the Russian President left without comment a message stating that Siemens want to prevent the use of their products in Russia-occupied Crimea.

In 2016 Ukraine and the EU changed the conditions of the contract with the German company Siemens, banning the use of turbines for power plants on the territory of Crimea.

In March 2017, the German concern Siemens said that it has completed the delivery of four gas turbines to Russian “Technopromexport” under the contract, which was concluded prior to the imposition of appropriate sanctions.

On July 5 of this year, Reuters reported, citing its sources that the company Siemens bypass the sanctions put in Crimea to the gas turbine for the power plant.

July 6, Siemens denied the supply to occupied Crimea its gas turbines for the power plant.

July 7, Siemens created a special Commission to investigate the fact of a possible delivery of their turbines in the Crimea.

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