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In the Kharkiv region, archaeologists scored an impressive opening

На Харьковщине археологи отличились впечатляющим открытиемScientists believe that the mound was a cult temple.

In the town of liubotyn in Kharkiv, scientists made a sensational discovery. Archaeologists have found an ancient burial mound, which is one of the oldest burial mounds in the basin of the Seversky Donets river.

Kharkiv scientists suggest that the mound, which is among the four largest in the area, the ancestors used for burials and rituals. Probably found the ancient place was for Ukrainians the temple.

“I admit that this mound was a cult temple. In it we found nothing that indicated the burial. In particular, we found remnants of the bodies, the funeral food. In addition, the structure of the mound resembles a grave. Rather, it is sacrificial monument”, – said the Director of Slobozhanska archaeological service Vitaly Okatenko.

The entrance to the mound is composed of three columns. The premise of the historical findings in a diameter of 30 meters, the height is 1.5 meters. At the excavation site the scientists found steppe crypt and ceramic ware, in particular, the remains of a Greek amphora, an amphora rim of the end VII – beginning of VI century BC, pot, ladle.

According to Vitaly Okatenko in Lyubotin there are many unexplored mounds, but in their place constructed buildings or cemeteries. Therefore, scientists were able to examine only 4 of the mound.

A new discovery has great historical value. Archaeologists will explore the ancient tradition of the Ukrainians borrowed from Asia.

Note that the largest mound of Kharkiv Gonsowski think, where was the burial of monarchs. Its height is 7.5 meters.

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