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In the center of Kiev, the radicals are demanding the resignation of President

В центре Киева радикалы требуют отставки президентаRadicals on Bank shouting against Poroshenko “Gang get out!”

The protesters are radicals and fighters dobrobatov after the speeches on the Maidan moved to Instytutska street towards the presidential Administration. In the horn they chanted anti-presidential slogans.

During came a hitch – were detained some two guys with large bags. Called them provocateurs and taken out of the crowd. Somewhere far off a firecracker. Set people, mainly aggressive against the government.

When he reached the Bank “progress” stopped. Near the administration of Poroshenko protesters chanting slogans against the government and in support of the blockade. In addition to Poroshenko gets from activists also Groisman and Turchinov. But most of all cursing the President, accusing that it “protects” trade with the uncontrolled territories. “Why do we need Putin, if we had a Putin,” the sound of the speech of the speakers. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Also encourage people to come to rallies.

In front of the protesters near the presidential Administration has lined up several rows of special forces.

Activists sang the anthem of Ukraine and then continue to rally. Criticism of the President is all the tougher. People shout “shame on you corrupt government!” and “the Gang get out”.

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