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In the Bakhmut uchastnik embargo slapped Abroskina. Video

В Бахмуте участнык блокады дал пощечину Аброськину. ВидеоAbroskin in the presence of the head region Zhebrivskyi called the offender a “woman” and promised “payback”.

The police unblocked the road near the town chasov Yar, travel to which was blocked by unidentified individuals in balaclavas.

About this informed the head of national police of the Donetsk region Vyacheslav Abroskin. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“Today, about 16 hours near the town chasov Yar unidentified individuals in balaclavas blocked the road, blocking the passage of the bus with the staff of the Kurakhovskaya TPP and other transport. Blocked one way through which livelihood of the region, moving the emergency services,” he said.

“The police acted within the jurisdiction, despite the insults and threats shouted blockers. The road was unlocked”, – Abroskin added.

At the same time in a network there was video on which one of the participants of the “blockade” slaps to the head of the regional national police.

Abroskin said that he had let himself get hit.

Recall, February 4, at the checkpoint in Bahmut, the conflict occurred. The police stopped the car with 8 citizens in uniform, one of them found the SKS carbine.

According to police officer present at the place of one of the people’s deputies of Ukraine began to interfere and to prevent inspection. He instructed the driver to leave the checkpoint and hit the police officer in the trunk area. As a result, the police officer received a bruised chest and went to the hospital.

Later it was reported that a party of the conflict were the people’s Deputy Vladimir Parasyuk, which denies the assault against the police and said that there was only a verbal altercation. Citing sources has said about opening of criminal proceedings against the MP.

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