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In the Atlantic the ship had disappeared in South Korea

В Атлантике исчез корабль Южной КореиOn Board the ship were 22 people.

In the Atlantic ocean disappeared from radar South Korean cargo ship Stellar Daisy.

On Board were 22 people. Before disappearing, the ship managed to signal distress. At this point, Stellar Daisy was at a distance of 2.5 thousand kilometers from the coast.

According to Yonhap news Agency, a passing ship spotted a life raft with two sailors on Board. Were also found other rescue equipment from the ship, but the people on them. The South Korean foreign Ministry reports that eight members of the crew were South Koreans, all the other citizens of the Philippines. The ship was carrying iron ore and was heading from Brazil to China. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Earlier it was reported that pirates seized a large fishing vessel off the coast of Somalia to use it as a mobile base for raids in the horn of Africa region.

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