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In Thailand the elephant hid the body of a dead host

В Таиланде слон спрятал тело убитого хозяинаThe animal itself to bury the body.

In Thailand, the tragedy occurred: a tame elephant took the life of its owner, and then decided to disguise the crime and buried the body.

On the territory of the Khao Phanom Krabi, located in southern Thailand, a favorite animal farmer killed him and then hid in a secluded place the victim of the incident, throwing branches on the body with the broken trees. The victim’s relatives noticed his disappearance and started searching.

After a few hours they managed to find a dead farmer. Following the word of law enforcement officers, the family found the body of 50-year-old Amarna Morakot under brush piles, where there was a tied favorite elephant farmer.

Also, the family reported that the day of the accident tragically killed Morakot had intended to tie the elephant after he finish to transport logs. On examination, the man died from his injuries in the head and body.

It is known that the animal had previously attempted to attack the farmer, in which he was injured. However, the man still continued to work with elephant and trying to convince everyone that this is the usual pranks, and he will never bring serious harm.

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