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In Sicily forbade Mafiosi to become godfathers

В Сицилии запретили мафиози становиться крестными отцамиThe Catholic faith is opposed to the mafia.

The Catholic Archbishop of Sicily Michele of Pennisi banned mafia members to participate in the Sacrament of baptism and to become godparents.

The district of Pennisi includes the notorious village of Corleone, immortalised in the novel by Mario Puzo of “the Godfather,” writes the BBC. In February of this year, the Archbishop strongly condemned the decision of the priest Corleone to let the son of a local mobster Toto Riina to be the godfather of his niece. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The mafia adopted the term “godfather” in the Church to give their leaders an aura of religious significance, and in fact these 2 of the world quite incompatible, ‘ said the Archbishop.

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