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In Russia there will be a new tax

В России появится новый налогThe tax base will be calculated using volume or mass emissions.

The Ministry of Finance proposed to introduce in Russia the environmental tax. The bill is placed on the portal of legal acts.

Tax payers are encouraged to recognize the organizations and citizens, including individual entrepreneurs, whose activities are damaging the ecology. An exception will be made for municipal solid waste, but only if it is the only waste generated by companies or citizens. Otherwise, you will have to pay the operators of waste.

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The tax base will be calculated using volume or mass emissions of pollutants to the environment. Rates are firm and fixed for each hazardous substance separately. So, per ton of nitrogen dioxide will have to pay 138,8 of the ruble, the same per ton of ammonia and sodium carbonate, per ton of chlorine – 181,6 of the ruble.

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As stated in the explanatory note to the document, the purpose of the environmental tax – financing of the country’s environmental policy, which permits the right of Russian citizens to a favorable environment.

In this case, for honest taxpayers, the load level will not change, promised the Ministry of Finance. The current system of payments for negative impact on the environment is assessed as inefficient.

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