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In Russia send notifications about the deliveries in time of war

В России рассылают уведомления о поставках продукции в военное времяThe Directors of the companies sent notices that in wartime they will be involved in the supply of products

In the Kaluga region of Russia in private households started to send out notices that in war time they will have to supply products for state needs.

As reported by Meduza, Zhukovsky district, send a notice, signed by the head of district administration Anatoly Suyarko. This document States that “in accordance with the approved mobilization plan of the municipal district of” enterprise “in the military will be involved in the supply of products (works, services) for state needs in accordance with the range of products” that they produce.

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The Directors of enterprises need to sign that they have read and understood this notice and send the second signed copy to the Department of civil defense and emergencies of the administration until the end of July.
The publication reports on two such notifications the authority issued in farms located in Zhukov district.

Head of Department civil defense and emergencies of the district administration Victor Katikala reported that “previously, this work was not carried out, but now it is held” as from the region came the command “send instruction”. According to him, the notice was sent to all organizations on the territory of the district, and it was signed by all the leaders.

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“If a farm grows grain, it is clear that it will grow and in time of war,” the official said, noting that he did not know whether to withdraw the products free of charge. Other details he did not tell, citing “classified”.

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