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In Russia, protesters truckers dug in a moat

В России протестующих дальнобойщиков окопали рвом30 kilometers from Ekaterinburg blocked 11 trucks local truck drivers opposed to the system “Platon”.

According to the activists, about 10 o’clock in the morning the protest camp construction equipment arrived and started digging the moat.

“We had about twenty cars, ten managed to escape, and to go outside of the Parking lot, eleven remained, — told the “New” coordinator of the Ekaterinburg drivers nail Nigmatullin. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“The workers did not say who received the decree and why they do it, but in fact, a moat dug around us, to those guys who for the holidays went home, unable to return,” — said Nigmatullin.

According to him, the day before the First of may there were more than 60 cars, but many of the activists, wanting to spend the holidays with their families, left to return after the 9th.

Dagestan truckers took time out. The face of the strike at Manas, which lasted more than a month. Photo
The words of the coordinator is confirmed by the Chapter participating in the national strike of truckers Andrew Bautin. He said “New” that drivers have already filed a complaint to the Ural officials.

“Currently we are in an information blockade, any of our actions or suppressed, or serves in a false light. So there was information that Dagestani drivers ended the strike, and there are many still standing home, from our may day actions on television came not a single story,” complains Bautin.

At the same time, the activist stresses that the campaign to curtail nobody is going to stand the drivers will be while the country’s leadership will not go to the meeting and does not fulfill the requirements of private carriers, the most important being the abolition of the system of charging for travel on Federal highways “Plato” and the resignation of the government.

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