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In Russia, killed a man and burned his body

В России убили мужчину и спалили его тело The incident occurred in the Kuban.

43-year-old resident Otradnaya district is accused of killing 45-year-old taxi driver, kidnapping and destruction of his car, and illegal arms trafficking and processing.

According to law enforcement officials, the accused was familiar with the victim who was engaged in private carrying, and have repeatedly used his services. The driver and the passenger were fighting over the fact that the latter was underpaid for the ride.

The evening of March 5, 2017 the driver took the passenger to take in the surroundings of village Otradnaya, at his request. The passenger ordered the taxi stop at the bridge over the river Urup, on the outskirts of the village. Between him and the driver once again had a quarrel over money for the fare.

Fairly tipsy passenger in an argument in the dispute used the hunting rifle. He focused shot in the head the taxi driver, then, dragging his body in the driver’s seat, drove the car to a deserted place and burned. Through the day he was detained by militiamen.

Criminal case in relation to men with the approved indictment in July is directed to court for consideration in essence.

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