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In Russia gay refused employment

В России гею отказали в трудоустройстве The incident took place in Omsk.

Residents of Omsk refused to work in the shop not for the fact that his manners and appearance he allegedly reminded the leadership of a gay man, and because standards have not been sellers of sports nutrition, in particular, it is too lean.

As previously reported, the inhabitant of Omsk has filed a lawsuit against a local sports nutrition store because he refused to work. In the written waiver, according to the man, said that he their manners and appearance resembles Gaia and the shop takes it to work, allegedly in connection with the law banning gay propaganda among minors. The young man, who asked not to advertise his name, the lawsuit asks to recognize the store violated the law, and to pay him compensation for moral damages and reimburse court costs.

“In court, I just explain my opinion on this matter and I think the court will appreciate my position. I’m not a malicious employer, committed to homophobia, and normally apply to all people. Eduard’t understand me or he just wanted “to raise money,” said Chistyakov, noting that he did not see any guilt or violation of law.

“Edward, I quite clearly said denied because he did not have any knowledge that he does not loves sports and his appearance is absolutely not suitable. Moreover, it is necessary to understand that he acknowledged that he is an activist of the LGBT network, and I have not said in vain, if he had any conflicts in the previous work. You know what, we the people, and I’m not ready to answer for his safety as an employer,” said the store Manager.

The store Manager explained that the young man “did not fit the standards sellers sports nutrition”, in particular, were very lean and did not understand the products he had to sell. Chistyakov said that the response given by the man the division of personnel, has not been agreed with him, otherwise there appeared mention of the law banning gay propaganda among minors.

As reported, the claim of the 24th of July will consider the may day district court of Omsk.

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