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In Russia came gaming projector Acer Predator Z850

Acer offered to domestic gamers to abandon monitors in favor of a new gaming projector Z850 Predator, which safely arrived in our country. However, he stands as a good, albeit used, car, but essentially it does not change.

Projector Acer Predator Z850 is able to display on any wall or even the ceiling picture format 24:9, that is, the picture will turn out very ultrawide, and its resolution is 1920х720 pixels. By the way, for the price could have Ultra HD to implement and not be greedy. But Acer Predator Z850 can be placed at a distance of 47 inches from the wall thanks to the special mirrorless design of the projector, possessing short focus. The basis of the device is long-lasting laser diode, the time between failures is for some reason did not disclose.

This diode provides brightness up to 3000 lumens and contrast ratio of 100 000:1, so in this plan everything is great. And there’s only one “but”: is Acer Predator Z850 in Russia exactly 400 000, and you still have change of a 10-ruble coin. In this case, the question arises about the appropriateness of such investments, for a gaming monitor with a diagonal greater than 30 inches, curved, and Ultra HD will cost much cheaper even if you buy it on the territory of our country.

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