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In mother Russia kicked out of the house Olympic medalist

В России мать выгнала из дома олимпийскую призеркуAnastasia Grishina said that the mother kicked her out of the house and left without money.

Galina Grishina, mother silver prize-winners of Olympic games 2012 gymnastics Anastasia Grishina, kicked out his daughter and spent all her money. About it has told the 21-year-old athlete, who is already retired.

“I am ashamed, hurt and offended. I can’t believe I did this to me not someone is a stranger, and a mother. She took all my money, and shelter. All that I earned in the sport. Even a car that I like the medal presented after the Olympics, the mayor said.
I have nothing left. Now I’m with a small child literally on the street.

All property, all that was purchased, all written at me. Mom and my child can easily make homeless. For years I’ve practiced, I ditched health, and on the honestly earned money can’t even relax in the decree. My husband works, but the lion’s share of income is spent on rent. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

My family lived on my money. And then when my income was over when I went on maternity leave and I was need help I just kicked and all.

Moreover, now they call me and brothers and dad and threatened that if I didn’t stop the noise, it will be worse. Mom says that’ll take my money to the grave. But what do I do if I have nowhere to go?” – said Grishin.

It is reported that the former athlete appealed to the court, and also wrote a statement about the threats to the police.

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