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In Missouri passed a burning UFO

Над Миссури пролетел горящий НЛОThis phenomenon was first recorded in the photo, and then he studied ufologist.

In the United States on the Missouri river noticed a burning unidentified flying object emitting the light beams. Expert on extraterrestrial civilizations noticed the similarity of UFOs in Missouri with the phenomenon, which took place in 2012 in the Arctic, near the diamond mines.

The conspiracy does not preclude that the United States called for the same vehicle or a similar spacecraft, but admits that the glowing object is a cloud, reflecting the Sun. But this hypothesis does not fit the cluster of uniformly diverging rays under the ball and a group of lights.

It is curious that the rays are also exactly reflected in the waters of the Missouri. Within a few minutes, the UFO stayed in the sky, that disappeared as suddenly as it had appeared. Despite the lack of official confirmation, eyewitnesses claim that it was aliens in their space ship.

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