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In Minsk all the airport looking for an escaped Russian cat

В Минске всем аэропортом разыскивают сбежавшего российского котаMartik was so scared of flights, ran away from home at the first opportunity.

Russian cat picked up the ears of the staff of the Minsk airport, arranging escape during connecting flight “St.-Petersburg” – “Geneva”. During customs control, the animal ran out of the carry and lost in the wilds of the terminal.

This was announced on his page in Facebook the stewardess of the airline “Belavia” Tatyana Ostrovskaya.

According to her, the incident occurred at Minsk airport while boarding a plane in the area of customs inspection.

“Flew from St. Petersburg to Geneva, in Minsk was a long transplant, for so many hours the cat from the road was in a terrible stress. At customs at the airport asked me to bring the cat in and out carrying. Cat got scared, wriggled out of his hands, scratched owners and fled,” wrote Tatiana.

The girl added that the animal is now inside the airport building in the area of customs inspection. The cat’s name is Martik, he’s young and very scared. Special features: fluffy, long-haired, like Siamese.

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