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In Malaysia, it killed his brother, Kim Jong-UN

В Малайзии убили брата Ким Чен ЫнаSouth Korean TV station Chosun reported that the brother of North Korean leader killed two women with “poisoned needles” — presumably, the employee of special services of the DPRK.

The Malaysian police confirmed reports about the assassination of Kim Jong-Nam, brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN.

The police said that an unknown woman walked up to Kim Jong-Nam in the departures area of the international airport of Kuala Lumpur and threw on his head a handkerchief soaked in some liquid.

Brother of North Korean leader felt a burning sensation in the eyes. He tried to provide assistance at the airport, then was sent to the hospital. On the way, Kim Jong Us died.

The murder occurred around 8 o’clock in the morning of February 14 local time. Kim Jong We were going to Board a flight to Macau.

Kim Jong Nam — the older brother of Kim Jong-UN, the illegitimate son of the former North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il. He constantly lived in China and had no participation in the management of the DPRK.

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