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In Lugansk entered the Russian unit PMCs

В Луганск введено подразделение российской ЧВКAccording to military experts, the further development of the situation in the occupied Lugansk completely independent of the Kremlin.

In Lugansk entered the Russian unit PMCs (private military companies – ed.), the purpose of which is to control and prevent the aggravation of the situation in the city. This is stated in the report of group Information resistance.

“At the moment the center of Lugansk is surrounded by Russian forces and representatives of the PMC with orders to control the situation and prevent its aggravation. Further development of the situation depends entirely on the decision which will accept in the Kremlin – “the merger of LNR with DND” with a single control center in Donetsk, or restoration of the status quo forced “reconciliation” Carpenter (leader of the militants – ed.) and Cornet (the Russians called “interior Minister” – ed.) or the offset of Carpenter, to which Moscow also has a lot of claims”, – underlined in the message.

According to is group, earlier, four days before the clashes in Lugansk, PODRAZDELENIE PMCs arrived to Alchevsk from Russia.

“The transfer was carried out by truck, army, 21 November the division was transferred to Lugansk to contain the confrontation between Carpenter and Cornet”, – stated in the message.

According to military experts, yesterday, through the border crossing point dolzhanskiy from the territory of the Russian Federation in Doljanski (former Sverdlovsk – ed.) came a convoy of several dozen trucks with the personnel of the armed forces,

“20 of APCS (some of them with instruments on the trailer – ed.) from 14:00 in small groups equipment and l/s were moved in the direction of Lugansk. Together with the included units of the armed forces in Doljanski arrived Hyde (call Rome, former commandant of Sverdlovsk, whose long-standing conflict Carpenter. At the time of Hyde from arrest actually saved and helped to escape cornet”, – stated in the message.

Military experts believe that most of the militants and representatives of the “law enforcement agencies LC” in the conflict support is the Cornet.

“In turn, puppets of the AP of the Russian Federation, Surkov (assistant to the President of the country-the occupier of the Russian Federation-ed.) Carpenter and his entourage can expect the Russian soldiers and PMCs”, – stated in the message.

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