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In Kenya fully declined plastic bags

В Кении полностью откзались от полиэтиленовых пакетовSynthetic is now banned to use at home.

August 28, in Kenya came into force a ban on the use of plastic bags. According to TSN, now offenders for the use of plastic bags is waiting for any huge, by the standards of Kenya, the penalty is 38 thousand dollars, or imprisonment for a term of four years. And even travelers who arrive in the country with bags of Duty Free, will be obliged to leave them at the airport.

It is noteworthy that the manufacturers who wrap their products in cellophane, under the prohibition of do not fall, because polyethylene is a synthetic polymer obtained by polymerization of ethylene, and the cellophane is produced by processing natural material cellulose.

Recently in Kenya there was a question of environmental preservation and waste disposal, therefore, despite the fact that in connection with the prohibition may lose their jobs, about 80 thousand people, the population largely supports the ban.

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Kenya is the fourth African country to ban plastic bags after South Africa, Rwanda and Eritrea.

In Denmark in 1994 introduced a tax on free distribution of plastic bags in retail establishments. After Denmark introduced a fee for polyethylene, its popularity among buyers has declined by 90%.

In San Francisco (USA) large supermarkets and chain pharmacies do not use plastic bags. Hawaii became the first state which refused to use plastic bags.

Due to the many cases of clogged sewer and overlapping of riverbeds leading to floods, a total ban on use of plastic bags imposed in 2003 in Singapore, Bangladesh and Taiwan. The same ban is in effect in several States of India.

In Tanzania, the penalty for the manufacture, import or sale of plastic bags — $ 2,000 or a year in prison. The importation of plastic bags in Zanzibar prohibited.

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In Ukraine the problem of pollution of plastic bags territories around settlements is no less acute. Especially suffering from flooded fields films cattle that are grazing. Cows are attracted to the smell of food in the original packages, and they literally chew packets, resulting in a die. But Ukrainians are not yet ready to abandon such a convenient pouches for food storage and transportation of goods.

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It is worth Recalling that in the environment of discarded packets is stored for a long time and are not biodegradable. In the world used annually 4 trillion packages!

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