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In India, the young man woke up in a coffin on the way to the cemetery

В Индии юноша очнулся в гробу по дороге на кладбищеThe young man was lucky to Wake up on time.

Seventeen-year-old resident of the Indian city in Dharwad in Karnataka woke up on the way to his own funeral.

The parents of the young man reported that about a month ago he was bitten by a stray dog, then a teenager in a few weeks was suffering from a high fever. When his condition became critical, he was hospitalized. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

At the hospital the boy was placed in the intensive care unit. Doctors have concluded that without a machine the young man would not survive, but relatives due to financial difficulties decided to refuse further treatment and took her son home. For some time he showed no signs of life, and the parents decided that the teenager died.

On the appointed day the procession went from the city to the village, where he was to undergo the ceremony of a funeral. About two kilometers before the destination, the young man woke up, breathing heavily.

According to doctors, he is now in the hospital with a diagnosis of meningoencephalitis.

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