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In Hong Kong, spread to apartment-“the box”

В Гонконге распространились квартиры-"коробки"Such “housing” is less than two square meters, and the price – over $ 200 per month.

Rapidly rising rental rates for housing in one of the leading financial centers of Asia Hong Kong, do not leave people a choice and are forced to move into smaller apartments. Many of which are apartments difficult to call is the box, an area of about two square meters.

Despite the fact that the UN called this house “offensive to human dignity”, according to conservative estimates, about 200 thousand people live in them for many years. Renting such an apartment is worth an average of $ 200-250 per month.

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Since 2012, housing prices in Hong Kong increased by nearly 50%, making it one of the most inaccessible in the world. So many apartments were divided into here are the “boxes” to meet the growing demand for small area.

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