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In Greece will set an unusual monument

В Греции установят необычный памятникThe monument will be dedicated to the important archaeological discovery of the burial of members of one of the early political upheaval in the history of ancient Athens.

On the construction of a Museum on the site discovered last year, the ancient burial chained 80 men in the Delta of Faliro announced the Stavros Niarhos Foundation. The new Museum project will create Italian architect Renzo piano designed the Cultural centre of the Stavros Niarhos Foundation.

The remains of eighty-chained men was discovered in April of this year in the Metropolitan area of Delta Faliro. Results osteological analyses showed that the age of most of them ranged from 20 to 30 years (four of them younger), were all killed the same way – a fatal blow to the head. Thanks to the two found in the burial wine jugs with a neck in the shape of a trefoil, the burial can be dated to the last third of the VII-th century BC and to associate dead men with “Bulanovoi turmoil” – the first known attempts to establish tyranny in Athens. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

By decision of the Central archaeological Council, because of the huge historical and archaeological significance of the findings cannot be moved to another location. To ensure their complete safety at the burial site will be a Museum.

“We are talking about the most important moment in Greek history, which was known only from written sources, and now for the first time documented by archaeologists,” said in an interview with Athens – Macedonian news Agency, the head of the excavation, head of the Inspectorate of antiquities of Western Attica, Piraeus and the Islands of Stella Chrislake. “This place has special historical value, so it should be stored in the form in which appeared before the eyes of archaeologists”.

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