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In Greece a UFO terrified local villagers

В Греции НЛО до смерти перепугал местных селянLocal residents of the village of zaro (Crete, Greece), have become a mass witnesses of UFO sightings over their homes.

The villagers clearly and in detail described appearance of an unidentified flying object in the sky over the village. After incessant phone calls from UFO witnesses in the local media, reporters with cameras arrived on the scene.

The villagers said that the “flying saucer” at 10.00 appeared right over their heads, and, dragging the sky, disappeared over the horizon, in the direction of a nearby village, Varisia. Residents were clearly frightened strange phenomenon very clearly and in detail described the “flying disc”.

It should be noted, recently camera captured a UFO over the island of KOs, where there was a catastrophic earthquake 21.07.

It seems that UFOs are frequent in Greece… I Wonder for what purpose?

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