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In Finland will open the Museum of television

В Финляндии откроется музей телевиденияVisitors can try their hand at any profession related to television and radio.

Museum of radio and television in Lahti again opened its doors after a three year renovation.

After the upgrade, the Museum offers interactive and multimedia technology, which will help visitors to try yourself in the role of TV journalists and presenters. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

First, the guests will be able to write the script of a program and record it in the Studio, pre-zagrimirovannyh and dressed in appropriate costume.

In addition to updating the technical equipment, the Museum acquired a new name: Mastola: from the word “masto” (mast), in honor of the radio towers at the foot of which is, and which is one of the symbols of Lahti.

The Museum is the layout of the top of the radio tower where visitors can go rock climbing.

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