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In Finland, under a heavy rock will suit the championship in knitting

В Финляндии под тяжелый рок устроят чемпионат по вязанию The competition is brutal for fans of knitting.

In Finland this summer will be the first in the world championship of the world on knitting under heavy metal.

The organizers of the competition already confirmed the publication Metal Hammer, that this is not an April fools joke, and the finals will take place on 11 July 2019.

“Finland – promised land of heavy music. 100 000 Finnish citizens account for 50 heavy metal bands that are strikingly a lot more than anywhere else in the world. The number of lovers of Handicrafts is also large, according to conservative estimates, in Finland hundreds of thousands of people are addicted to different types, in particular knitting. What unites those, and other, so it is a great joy of creativity. How to play the guitar, and knitting it all comes down to the pleasure of creating something with your hands… Knitting can be akin to playing air guitar is another favorite in Finland form of entertainment,” reads the official website of the competition.

To participate in the contest, you must download from its official theme song – Fight or Die performed by Finnish thrash metal band Maniac Abductor, record a one minute video in which show the process of knitting this song, and upload it to Youtube, and fill in the application form of the participant. From among those who fulfill these conditions will be selected semi-finalists that July 11 will compete for the victory in the Finnish city of Joensuu. The winner will receive a paid weekend in one of the hotels in Finland, located in the nature.

Note that partners of the contest were the city’s Department of culture and the Conservatory of Joensuu. Participation in the competition can take any person, regardless of their country of residence.

Note also that mentioned by the organizers of the game on an air guitar got their own world championship in 1996. The first such competition was also held in Finland.

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