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In “DNR” did not evaluate the proposals Savchenko for the exchange of prisoners

В "ДНР" не оценили предложения Савченко по обмену пленнымиSavchenko today again visited the prisoners.

The Commissioner for human rights, the self-proclaimed DND Daria Morozova called unacceptable the proposal of the people’s Deputy of Hope Savchenko for the exchange of prisoners.

“Those proposals which Hope voiced through the Internet and the media, they are unacceptable in this case”, – said Morozov. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

According to her, Ukraine is ready to transfer the DPR 250 prisoners, although according to the lists approved by Kiev, their 475.

“This is officially confirmed by the Ukrainian side. Therefore, we insist on the implementation of the sixth paragraph of the Minsk agreement (“exchange all for all”), the sooner the better,” said Morozov.

At the same time, she said that in the colony, which called for Savchenko who is 34, and 41. “The other accused on other articles and are either in jail or in the other colonies,” – said Morozov.
According to her, today, Savchenko visited the prisoners and talked with them.

“Promised them that they’ll be home soon… She’s no one interfered, we wanted to show that not only open to international organizations, but also for Ukraine. Please come, see what they’re all right,” said the DND Ombudsman.

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