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In Canada, the driver was fined for singing behind the wheel

В Канаде водителя оштрафовали за пение за рулемPatrol fined the driver for the song from the 90’s

The motorist got fined for singing behind the wheel. According to police, that he distracted others.

However, such an unusual incident occurred not in Ukraine, as one might think, and in Canada. His hero was 38-year-old Taufik Moalla. The driver was stopped by a police crew when he was driving from his suburban home, located near Montreal. Peace officer asked the man why he was screaming.

Meola said that he just sang my favorite song Gonna Make You Sweat (hit 90-x) and doesn’t think someone that disturbed. But the patrol thought otherwise and gave the canadian a penalty of US $ 118 (in terms of) the excessively loud behaviour in a public place. Meola considers the penalty unreasonable and intend to appeal against in a judicial order. While in the Montreal police refused to comment on the case.

“I understand that if they [the police] doing their job, they are allowed to check if everything is in order, if I have someone kidnapped or if you have developed a dangerous situation, but I would never expect them to give me a ticket for this [singing],” said Taufik Moalla.

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