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In Argentina, there was Adolf Hitler

В Аргентине нашелся Адольф ГитлерRetired, living in Salta (Argentina), claims that he was the führer of Germany Adolf Hitler.

According to the elderly person, because of the persecution of the last 70 years, he had to hide.

The founder of the totalitarian dictatorship of the Third Reich told journalists that came to Argentina in 1945. He was able to do it on a false passport, which was allegedly issued in the name of Herman Gunterberg.

— I was accused of many crimes I never committed. Because of this, I spent more than half my life, hiding from the Jews. So I have already been punished, — shared his feelings with Hitler, Gunterberg.

When asked why he decided to tell everyone about his existence, the man replied that the Israeli secret service is no longer pursuing Nazi war criminals, so at this point in time it threatens nothing.

Spouse Herman Gunterberg told that her husband suffers from Alzheimer’s disease.

— Sometimes he would forget who I am and where he is. He was talking about Jews and demons,” said the woman.

“Wife of Hitler” admits that perhaps her husband in his youth was a Nazi and now he feels guilty.

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