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“I took Anton’s hand and heart” Victoria romanet boasted an engagement ring

Former members of “House-2” Victoria romanet and Anton Gusev after a big quarrel all made up. Also recently it became known that the beloved will soon marry Victoria has accepted a proposal of marriage from Anton.

My beloved flew off to rest in Greece, where Victoria and shared the good news with followers. She posted the photo with a gorgeous bouquet and boasted an engagement ring that she gave Anton Gusev.

Victoria commented on the: “Good morning. Sit on the styling and I think, isn’t it time for you to discuss my manicure, hands, skin color, color nail Polish, cuticles, how many colors in the bouquet, variety of flowers, length of the leg. In General, catch food — Bon appetit. Well, for normal people, the meaning of the photo in the other. Took Anton’s hand and heart” (Spelling and punctuation authors hereinafter. — Approx. ed.).

Fans rushed to congratulate Romanets: “Congratulations, you are a beautiful couple”, “Vika, I wish you happiness boundless”, “The happy woman”, “Keep him in line!”, “Very happy for your couple! Anton loves you very much, Vic!”, “When’s the wedding?”, “The Work just tell him you don’t offend”.

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We will remind, during a quarrel Victoria has repeatedly accused Anton of treason and said he “killed her feelings.” Victoria shared how she managed to forgive Anton: “As such was not treason, that is, Anton didn’t sleep with anyone. Yes, he was there flirting with some village girls, who sent him revealing photos. We went together to the temple, and Anton swore an intimate relationship he had with anyone was not only flirting. I think that this happened because he suddenly felt himself a free man when freed from the shackles of marriage.”

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