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How to create a personal website with a stunning design, without spending a penny

Social network can never replace a full-fledged dedicated website where the sole owner or the owner is only you and none other: no community moderators, administrators, groups, spam messages, no bosses above and below — isn’t it great? Just select any website Builder and go.

Our today’s conversation — about the designer Wix, although it should be noted that there are other designers, perhaps even somewhat superior to this, but our task — to tell the truth about Wix, and then let everyone decide for himself. Our main “March thesis” is the following: Wix is one of the best designers to create a personal website, and therefore we’ll do it — we will create a website and try not to pay anyone a single penny. Well, shall we go? - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

So first some statistics. The developer claims that worldwide have chosen Wix to create home pages or representation of your business online almost 100 million people, and believe very, very much. The designer appeared almost 10 years ago and since then has undergone many modifications, changes, acquiring new capabilities, as well as getting rid of old. Worrying about security, the developers, for example, tried to get rid of through leaky Flash, moving create animated pages in HTML5.

Wix — fully visual designer, i.e. the user is not required to know the internal kitchen of the development sites, to be able to write code or customize the configuration files to optimize the website for search engines and protect against Internet threats. All this is done only by dragging the mouse or pressing its buttons. Basic settings the website is well received by search engines, especially if you care about SEO.

Website creation starts with a template. In the repository of templates Wix of a few hundred, and paid templates, there is only free. In the beginning we have declared that do not plan to spend a penny, so that such policies Wix us can be very useful. Fortunately, free templates beautiful, crafted and refined from all sides — Wix not saves. It remains only to choose.

Well, well, choose the category “personal pages” and we have a few of the dozens of templates-the-blanks for our personal website. After much deliberation, it was decided to choose a site template, a beginner scientist in a minimalist design. Let some believe that simplicity is worse than theft, and we will hold to the idea that simplicity is the key to success. Website done in soothing pastel colours with a predominance of grey and beige shades. In the header of the page is placed a microscope and there are references that the scientist specialization — chemistry.

To download the template in the editor takes a few seconds, but we have itching, and therefore without waiting for the download is complete, send the cursor to the left of the screen, where there are controls grouped on different tabs.

Yeah, this is not all: additional management tools are in the top menu.

A template is the Foundation, the frame of the site. The user will have to populate it with their own content. From the menu you can get anything you want: add new pages, change the appearance, color palette, presentation of information, structure, add text, pictures, animation, audio and video. Moreover, it is important to say that all these units are configured very flexibly: change background, color, text, and more.

Special store applications, plugins and widgets Wix App Market, located to the left, you can add the web apps created by third-party developers. Often to find a paid solution but the free Wix also applies to the shop, so you can easily find the widget that implements the desired functionality of the gift.

In the process of working on the website occasionally it is recommended to press the save button so that the changes are not lost in vain. We thought it important that the work of the designer is fairly responsive, feel that working with a web application occurs. Distribute the required elements and correctly placing them in the right places, go to the “settings” tab, where you can do the following things:

  • include responsive layout for mobile devices;
  • fill the attributes of the site;
  • enter the keywords;
  • make settings for social networks.

If you want to bind your own domain to include Analytics or connect Yandex.Direct, you will need to pay the fare, and we’re not ready yet. Therefore, we leave it as is. In the end, like we have always have time. By the way, about the paid options, we will also tell you, but slightly below.

So, if you thought that all of the free options we smeared across the paper, now will try to collect them into one list to make it easier to navigate. Wix in their free entity provides the following features:

  • free templates;
  • free hosting;
  • free technical support;
  • advanced tools for website promotion on the Internet.

As anyone, but we most hurt the eyes the inability to free its binding domain. The same address would look much better than, isn’t it? And so when we have a lot of money, then we will acquire a paid rate, even if the minimum is just over $12 per month. This premium-fare allows the following:

  • bind your own domain;
  • get 10 GB of disk space;
  • remove ads from Wix site pages;
  • to use Google Analytic statistics;
  • to get a coupon for 2000 rubles for Yandex.Direct;
  • to get premium technical support.

In the end, for one evening, without the slightest knowledge about programming without any deep ideas about the intricacies of design, layout, and other tedious things, to dig into who can only do the fanatics of the business, we have created a fully functional website on the Internet. Helped us in this free Wix designer that provided enough opportunities to implement all the basic functionality of a full personal website. While we did not require any money, and this was one of the main conditions of writing this material. Thus, we proved that the free cheese happens only in a mousetrap, and developers Wix. And let the free rate limited, for beginners quite enough.

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