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How to choose the perfect sneakers for fitness

Как выбрать идеальные кроссовки для фитнеса

Choosing the right running shoes for training depends on many factors. If you plan to do multiple types of fitness, you better purchase several models. Versatile sneakers, unfortunately, does not exist. Before with delight to pick a favorite couple from the store, check whether it fit your requirements with respect to the selected physical activity.

Как выбрать идеальные кроссовки для фитнеса For strength training important increased stabilization, a good grip. Choose model with flat platform, rigid heel area of the sole of sticky rubber, like the Nike Metcon. For active training do focus on good traction, stabilization, flexibility. These sneakers sole differs from the previous one: it has a lot of grooves, or the picture, tri-star, that provides a natural flexibility.
Anastasia Kalganova Nike+ Training Club

By the way, take note of the fact that to try on shoes in the evening, when feet are slightly swollen and slightly increased in volume, as during exercise. To be completely sure that you will be easy and comfortable during the lessons, runs through the store, jump or dance. So you’ll know how it will behave with your leg in this pair.

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Pay attention to the materials from which made shoes. For example, for Jogging on the street is a Shoe that will have good grip. I do not advise you to go Jogging in the Park when it rains or snows, and wear sneakers with flat soles serebristoi.

Как выбрать идеальные кроссовки для фитнеса When choosing soles need to focus on the workout. Training should be flexible and thick sole that supports the foot well. Mandatory shock absorbing sock and breathability. Model breathable, durable and seamless uppers are perfect for practising in the hall.
Anastasia Kalganova Nike+ Training Club

Don’t risk health and don’t go to the gym in their favorite everyday shoes because they’re designed exclusively for walking. For example, the flat sole will not provide proper shock absorption, and stress on the joints will increase significantly! Fashion fashion, but with me it is better to take shoes that are specifically created for it. Especially since almost all sports brands are trying to make each model a bright, stylish and also the most functional.

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By the way, good sneakers virtually no “shelf life”. So don’t skimp and take the choice seriously!

Как выбрать идеальные кроссовки для фитнеса It all depends on how hard and often you train. If Jogging it’s pretty simple: wear resistance can be calculated by naganobu mileage, with training sneakers harder. They are more durable and wear-resistant. No I have not managed to lose any depreciation or stabilization, even though I train regularly.
Anastasia Kalganova Nike+ Training Club

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