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How to care for girls in different countries. Photo

Как ухаживают за девушками в разных странах. ФотоHow to behave on a first date, representatives of different mentalities.

According to statistics, marriage agencies, ethnic, every second marriage breaks up after five or six years of marriage. As a rule, people simply can not find a common language. But things could have been different if women carefully looked to her future husband even on the first date.

Should we expect peace from the Italians, the generosity of French and romance from the Germans? Why do the Swedes prefer extreme Dating, and the Chinese never submit to the lady’s coat?

Как ухаживают за девушками в разных странах. Фото

Passionate Italians

In July 2014, 50 years of marriage, said one of the most famous couples of Italian cinema — Adriano Celentano and Claudia Mori. They met on the set of the film “a strange type”, but first, the idol of millions of girls gave Claudia no impression. Great love story began in one of the clubs where Adriano invited her to his concert. He sang a heartfelt song about a broken heart, and then jumped off the stage, walked over to Claudia and all admitted their feelings. From the club they left together. Public recognition Celentano is not shocked the local public.

The Italians in General are not shy to show their feelings in front of strangers. They do not skimp on the flowers, give generous gifts and amaze the ladies with the most extraordinary actions. Can easily jump off the bridge into the river to prove his courage, or come to visit his beloved through the window. It does not matter that it will have to overcome three floors up a drainpipe.

By the way, the Italians — one of the most persistent suitors. If they like a woman, they will give it new attention, impress the unusual declarations of love and crazy things. Usually, this tactic ultimately leads to a long-awaited victory.

Как ухаживают за девушками в разных странах. Фото

Frugal French

According to one version, the first Valentine in 1415, was invented by the Duke of Orleans. At the time he was imprisoned in the dungeon and had fun writing love letters to your wife. It is no wonder that Valentines became so popular and the modern French — a great sign of attention for a few cents.

It is no secret that French men are renowned worldwide for not only his gallantry, but also such qualities as frugality and practicality. What is their pragmatic attitude towards gifts.

According to the center for OpinionWay, 57% of French people are ready to resell “extra” gift. Most trade in second-hand gifts is rampant among young people. 63% of French people aged 18 to 24 years prefer to turn unwanted gifts into money.

Caring for women they are also very practical. The flowers give rarely and in exceptional cases, as, indeed, and the little unexpected gifts. First date is prescribed usually in the morning or afternoon. Good opportunity, for example, to combine the lunch break with a romantic date. Of course, in France the lady will pay for itself.

Как ухаживают за девушками в разных странах. Фото

Practical Germans

Traditionally, German men are distinguished by reticence, practicality, and sobriety of mind. German is not inclined to give empty promises. If he offers to marry — so this is the long haul. If she calls out, not out of politeness, but because she really wants to. He will promise to call back if not configured to communicate. When invited to a meeting, then clearly he will appoint the time and place of the meeting. However, this behavior does not mean that the Germans are far from romance.

A woman in Germany became too emancipirana. This is evidenced by the results of the research of the Institute for public opinion research Allensbach. Almost two-thirds of men in Germany admitted that their compatriots have achieved full equality. 28% believe that emancipation had gone too far. 7% of Germans stated directly that just can’t behave like men, because such behavior is considered unacceptable.

Turns out, women have succeeded. Now Dating in Germany they pay for themselves, it is normal to feel if after the first meeting, the man invited her home. Why waste time on empty formalities? But if a man calls out to the movies or the theater — it says that it is adjusted very seriously.

However, no romance is complete. The Germans can cook and a small gift as a sign of attention. However, without beautiful packaging. In design in Germany is usually neither the time nor the money not spend.

Как ухаживают за девушками в разных странах. Фото

Unforgettable Swedes

The Swedes are connoisseurs of unusual dates. Restaurants and relaxing walks through the parks they do not like. Much more interesting to take a girl on a hot air balloon, skydiving, Hiking in the mountains or drive in karting. Not to mention, to go ice-skating or skiing. By the way, pay for entertainment, too, usually separately. The Swedes are not greedy, just women there are also independent as the Germans.
By the way, an active way of life of Swedes in General in the blood. It is no coincidence that they were voted the most sporting nation. According to the Agency BBC, one in seven Swedes is actively involved in sports. 33% regularly attend fitness centers. Moreover, most of them men.

But even if a woman fully shared Hobbies Swedish men, count on a speedy marriage, she shouldn’t — at least on the official. Divorce in Sweden is expensive, so couples prefer to live in a civil marriage. The more rights they are exactly the same as registered spouses.

Как ухаживают за девушками в разных странах. Фото

Rapid Americans

In the late 90-ies the Americans invented a new kind of leisure called speed dating (speed Dating). Express the essence of Dating is simple. At pre-determined location is found the same number of girls and guys. Each pair talks for five minutes, then change partners until, until you’ll get reacquainted with each other. After each conversation, the participants write notes, which have expressed their sympathy. If they are mutual, then a guy with a girl already agree to meet elsewhere.

This method of Dating clearly characterizes American attitudes toward love. They don’t like a long courtship, I don’t understand why to waste time in romantic letters and beautiful promises. To arrange girlfriend surprises and give flowers are not accepted. Not worth the wait and the fact that the man definitely holds a girl after dining at home or will be invited to itself. Of course, if he did not immediately offer to spend the night without any obligations. American women are emancipirana and this proposal is a slap in the face do not respond.

Как ухаживают за девушками в разных странах. Фото

Caring Japanese

Perhaps, the most mysterious for women stick men-Japanese. In the East generally try to behave very politely, that in any case not to offend the interlocutor. Women are no exception.

Natalia from Khabarovsk (28):

I’m five months met with Japanese and could not understand how he actually feels about me. We met at best once a week. However, he always told lots of compliments, but was very restrained.

Temperament and passion is not about the Japanese. Especially on people. It is hard to know whether he sincerely admires your taste in clothing or just speaks in platitudes out of politeness. In addition, they have not accepted to talk about their feelings. We were together for almost six months, but he never confessed his love. However, he displayed his attention through actions, gave expensive gifts, was very attentive, always tried to feel my mood. Only get bored, just trying to be funny.

In addition, the Japanese are well — known workaholics. Mine worked 12 hours a day. So what’s so: finding the time for a date — so has serious interest in a woman. Especially if it occurs after work and calls to see you the next time. But to associate with the Japanese, I did not dare: never learned to understand it.

Even if the Japanese did not like the date with the lady and he doesn’t want to continue a relationship with her, he would call her after the meeting, long and hard to give thanks for the evening, to compliment and nice words. And call after a date not interested in his woman, Japanese maybe more than once. However, then still thanks will tell that they did not work. This seemingly counterintuitive behavior is due to a simple courtesy. In Japan it’s considered impolite to just disappear and leave the lady alone thinking, “why hasn’t he called?”

Как ухаживают за девушками в разных странах. Фото

Polite Chinese

The Chinese are very serious about choosing a life partner. This is one of the reasons marriages in the country is very strong. First date in China is very original. A young man comes to the meeting not one, but together with each other. It happens that not one. Usually the date is in a cafe or restaurant. The whole evening, the friend tells the girl about the numerous advantages of the potential groom. By the way, by tradition, the other also pays the bill. After Dating a woman necessarily hold back, even if she is a man and not attracted to. If the man wants to continue the relationship, I’ll ask where she wants to go next time.

By the way Chinese men treat the woman with respect, but do not have many familiar to us tokens. For example, it is not customary to give the woman a hand, help with my coat, open the door for her. Any touch to the strange woman is generally regarded as an insult. The roots of this behavior go way back. Since ancient times in China it was believed that any touch to the woman obliges man to associate with her life. In this day and age, old traditions and added the usual emancipation. The usual in our understanding of the attentions of Chinese women regard as an infringement of their rights.

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