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How painted women in the past. Photo

Как красились женщины в прошлом. ФотоInteresting facts about makeup and cosmetics.

Makeup was part of the culture for women and men for thousands of years. In US only income in the beauty industry and cosmetic industry in 2016 amounted to over 62 billion dollars. Today we will talk about interesting facts related to makeup, which met in history.

1. White a La geisha

Как красились женщины в прошлом. Фото

For the first time white makeup for the face, which later became the iconic “geisha makeup”, began to be used in Japan in the Heian period (794-1185). He was probably created under the influence of similar products imported from China. Did this makeup made from rice powder mixed with water to a paste. Then this paste is applied on the face.

2. Egyptian oil

Как красились женщины в прошлом. Фото

Already 10 000 BC, people in Egypt used scented oils to clean and maintain the good condition of your skin, prevent body odor and protect your skin from the sun and wind. They used different oils: lavender, chamomile, roses, rosemary, roses, almonds, myrrh, thyme and mint. Ancient cultures generally considered to be unscrupulous, but the Egyptians clearly smelled very nice.

3. Makeup as a status indicator

Как красились женщины в прошлом. Фото

In ancient Rome, from the social status of women depended on her makeup, clothes and jewelry she wore. Actually, makeup was so important in Roman culture that the playwright Titus Plautus Macci once wrote: “a Woman without paint is like food without salt”. Women have used mascara for eyes, chalk, which was whitening the skin, and blush.

4. The most ancient cosmetics

Как красились женщины в прошлом. Фото

The most ancient artifacts for the makeup of the age of about 164 000 years has been found in South African cave. Archaeologists have found 57 pieces of pinkish and reddish stones, partially rubbed in the dust. Before you open this “old makeup”, scientists assumed that people at that time were not developed enough for such behavior. But it turned out that the ancestors of “Homo sapiens” who lived in a cave in South Africa, were not alien to the concept of beauty.

5. Bright Egyptian makeup

Как красились женщины в прошлом. Фото

Colorful cosmetics used by the ancient Egyptians, were quite varied. For example, they used ochre – a natural pigment in yellow and red colors (in the red ochre of more iron oxide). Antimony, which was used as ink for eyes, was a little like modern metal, but rather a mixture of heavy metals with a high concentration of lead. It was used not only for decorative eye-liner but also helped to protect the eyes from the sun. Burnt almonds were used as shadow and eyeliner. And eyeshadow from crushed green malachite was used to help ward off evil spirits.

6. Medieval makeup

Как красились женщины в прошлом. Фото

In the Middle ages, women in Europe were painting their faces white, plucked eyebrows (sometimes completely), shaved or plucked their hair to raise the hair line above, and also used a huge amount of blush. They also used the lip balm from beeswax and oil.

7. Makeup for Chinese emperors

Как красились женщины в прошлом. Фото

Around 3000 BC, the Chinese emperors and the nobility (men and women) used natural dyes to color your nails in bright colors, from gold to red or even black. The people of lower class were forbidden to paint the nails.

8. Makeup times of French revolution

Как красились женщины в прошлом. Фото

In the XIX century during the period of the French Restoration, the French often use red Rouge and lipstick to create the impression of health and fun. People in other countries, jealous of how good looking the French, began to argue that they believe such appearance is unattractive, and the French are “hiding something terrible in his beauty.”

9. Waxing in Arabic

Как красились женщины в прошлом. Фото

Women of Sultan’s harems during the Ottoman Empire literally burned their body hair and sometimes the skin along with them. “Rosma” – a depilatory cream consisting of a mixture of lime and orpiment, which is a by-product of arsenic. It was used literally everywhere. First, women bathed in the bath, then applied the cream on the skin, and then used a bronze scraper to remove the remnants of rushmi. If the cream is not washed for too long, this mixture could cause painful burns.

10. Deadly cosmetics

Как красились женщины в прошлом. Фото

Cosmetics used to whiten the skin during the Victorian era, usually made of white arsenic, vinegar and chalk. It rubbed into the skin to improve the complexion and reduce wrinkles. Not surprisingly, women sometimes died from multiple organ failure.

11. Ancient manicure

Как красились женщины в прошлом. Фото

Roman nail Polish consisted of sheep blood and fat, therefore, it was bright red. The first modern nail Polish was nail Polish Revlon in 1932.

12. Colorful lips

Как красились женщины в прошлом. Фото

Colored lips are not a new trend. For example, in 1959, was “white lipstick”, which can be worn alone, layered or mixed with other colors to achieve a variety of shades.

13. Fashion tan

Как красились женщины в прошлом. Фото

As is evident, in past centuries the concept of beauty was inseparable from pale skin. And the fashion for a tan has been introduced only Coco Chanel. After her cruise in the Mediterranean in the 1920-ies, in a press there were photos of a tanned Coco, and since then there was a fashion for “chocolate skin”.

14. Makeup is banned

Как красились женщины в прошлом. Фото

Until XVI the Christian Church forbade the use of makeup, claiming that it is used in satanic rituals, and only people of the lower class, such as sales women. Apparently, they missed that part of the Bible where Jesus talked about the corruption of women, but said nothing about makeup.

15. Tube for lipstick

Как красились женщины в прошлом. Фото

The iconic tube of lipstick, from which it is necessary to “twist”, was invented in 1923 by a man named James Bruce Mason Jr. It happened in Nashville, USA.

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