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“Honey, take the trash out”: funny anecdotes about the virtues of family life

"Дорогой, вынеси мусор": забавные анекдоты о прелестях семейной жизниFunny jokes about the realities of family life you just cheer.

Family life – not sugar. This is known to all. But sometimes in family life you can discover its charms. Sometimes even over family the UPS and downs of a laugh.

For example, only the wife can tolerate the socks scattered around the apartment, and only the husband can bear this eternal female hysteria.

But, despite all our usual nuances, we love each other and sometimes even laugh at the funny moments. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

— I never take my husband shopping.
Why is it so?
— I’m not a sadist!

— Yesterday woke up and you were gone. Where have you been, dear?
— And where are you awake, honey?

The wife says to her husband:
— Darling, let’s fire our driver. It is me again almost killed…
— Honey, he’s a nice guy, let’s give him another chance?

Late at night a husband and wife Wake up from heart-rending cry of a neighbor’s baby. Wife:
You still want a baby?
— Yes, very. So the neighbors retaliate!

Bring home a man just bought a TV. The picture on the box different signs. Wife:
— Why on the box glass painted?
This means that the purchase is necessary to wash!

The couple comes out of the concert hall Husband:
— I liked the Suite for piano than Adagio for organ!
— What?
Under her tight sleep.

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