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Holidays in the ski resorts: what you can save

 Отдых на горнолыжных курортах: на чем можно сэкономитьWhat you should spend, and what you can give.

Skiing — holidays is very exciting, but quite expensive. After all, except expenses of travel, housing and meals, there are also ski costs. So, the estimates of the beginner is necessary to include the purchase of a subscription on lifts, training instructor, purchase or hire of equipment. For example, when 5-day trip to the Polish ski resort of Szklarska poręba, these costs will be more than 200 euros. And in the Austrian sölden for all these pleasures will have to pay more than 500 euros.

But the cost can be greatly reduced if you know some travel details. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Training: three lessons for the teapot

It is possible that in your environment there are people who can teach the basics of skating teapot. However, in Alpine skiing the situation is very similar to swimming. Yes, people’s style of “dog” or “beach brass” you can swim quite a good distance. But will it look good and will it be efficient in terms of efforts? For this you need to put a beginning any kind of technique of swimming. And in Alpine skiing the right equipment is also very important for your own safety — to protect themselves from falls, bruises, and damaged ligaments. Not to mention the sprains and fractures. So in my first visit to the winter resort spend some money and take a few lessons at the ski school. As a rule, decided to buy the 2 – or 4-hour session. Shorter suitable for children or for adults with poor physical training. Longer will allow you to better consolidate the acquired skills.

Ideally trained in a big ski area where you don’t have to climb and descend on the same route, and with a personal instructor. But it is very expensive — about 2 times more expensive than group lessons. The Golden mean will be training in a small company of 4 people: so the price bites, and attention to all will be enough. In General three two-hour sessions is sufficient that the Amateur began to ride independently. You can also take a few lessons at home before departure. So, in Kiev in a group session (1 hour) will cost 10 euros per person.

The cost of studies* included in the price.

Ukraine (Bukovel) – 20
Poland (Szklarska Poręba) – 22
Bulgaria (Bansko) – 35
Slovakia (Clear) – 39
Austria (Sölden) – 50

*Per person, group session, 2 hours

 Отдых на горнолыжных курортах: на чем можно сэкономить

The ski pass: it is cheaper to buy online

The lift pass is probably the key item of expenditure. Access to cable cars is no less important than, in fact, ski equipment and proper clothing. When choosing a winter resort, always pay attention to how many lifts available for skipas. Indeed, in the same Polish Zakopane there is no single pass for all ski areas, although lifts are not so much. And this is not cheap in the ski pass Solden (Austria) allows to rise and the numerous “kreselke” across the vast region and the huge multi-seat gondola that delivers skiers high up on the glacier. Another tip — buy the ski pass online it is better. For example, in jasná (Slovakia) the purchase of a subscription on the spot for cash will cost 199 euros, and in advance, through the Internet — already at 175 euros. Also it would be nice promotional offers. You can find them if you carefully monitor the websites of the resorts. So, the Ukrainian Bukovel regular price of a season ticket for 5 days — 4675 UAH, special — 2480 UAH. As you can see, the prices of ski passes bite. Slightly sweeten this pill, the fact that at large resorts this piece of plastic allows free use of ski buses — buses between the ski areas in one resort.

Beginner skiers it is better to buy the less expensive the ski pass that allows you to ride only a few days during a specified period (e.g. 3 days out of 5). You should also know that at some resorts it takes for a Deposit (average 5 euros) which is returned after returning the pass to the cashier.

Cost of ski pass for 5 days.:

Ukraine (Bukovel) – 150
Poland (Szklarska Poręba) – 91
Bulgaria (Bansko) – 115
Slovakia (Clear) – 199
Austria (Sölden) – 250

 Отдых на горнолыжных курортах: на чем можно сэкономить

Equipment: the nuances of hire

Beginners don’t need to buy their own equipment. Even the more experienced skiers often get only boots and helmets. Skis are available for rent on site. You can rent gear in the city where you live. How wise is it to drag him to the riding — decide on the situation. It’s one thing to throw the skis on the trunk of a car near the house and to remove them is next to the hotel and another to take to the airport, checked in, take out, etc. moreover, it is inconvenient if we are talking about family. However, in this case, the cost of the set (boots, skis, poles) are often lower than on the spot. For example, in Kiev it is possible to take kit for 7 days is around 30 euros. And in Poland, will be charged 60 euros.

Important point — the age of the equipment. In Western Europe you can rent the latest models of skis and boots. And used the first year. It is worth the fun very expensive. The further East of Europe, the equipment more and more “elderly”. Ski, who began his biography in France or Austria, with age shift in Eastern Europe and end their service in the Ukrainian Carpathians. So it makes sense to arrive with their “armor.”

Cost of hire set of boots, skis, sticks of ekonometrii for 5 days.:

Ukraine (Bukovel, 4 days) – 15
Poland (Szklarska Poręba) – 60
Bulgaria (Bansko) – 70
Slovakia (Clear) – 92
Austria (Sölden) – 140

 Отдых на горнолыжных курортах: на чем можно сэкономить

When skis are a little tired

At least half of the time that skiers spend in the mountains, they assign some “alignee” entertainment. During these hours you can visit, for example, a local Museum. They have many centers of regions and dedicated to Alpine skiing (St. Anton in Austria), the Alpine environment (Ischgl, Austria), the history of mountaineering (Krainska Mountain, Slovenia), local traditions (Karpacz, Poland). Such museums represent an interactive exhibition. I wonder there will be both adults and children. The entrance ticket is about 5 euros.

In the winter resorts of Poland is popular for Hiking in the winter woods in a sleigh pulled by horses (5-7 euros). In the Slovak Jasna combine skating with a trip to the aquapark Tatralandia nearby (15 € for adults).

 Отдых на горнолыжных курортах: на чем можно сэкономить
 Отдых на горнолыжных курортах: на чем можно сэкономить

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