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Gadgets that can save your life. Photo

Гаджеты, способные спасти вашу жизнь. ФотоExamples of modern devices that can come to the rescue in a difficult moment

There is a perception that modern man is addicted to gadgets. Smartphones, tablets, laptops — without this we simply cannot live. Of course, this is an exaggeration. After all, there are inventions which in fact may depend on a person’s life.

Here are a few examples of modern devices that can come to the rescue in a difficult moment.

Self-propelled lifeboat

Гаджеты, способные спасти вашу жизнь. Фото

U-Safe is “smart” lifebuoy with motor and remote control. It is intended for use on ships and for coast guard commands. The remote allows you to bring the device to a drowning person, and then U-Safe will be able to deliver the rescued to the shore, or to Board the vessel. In plans — creation of a model for a few people and the increase in the reserve.

The shark repellent

Гаджеты, способные спасти вашу жизнь. Фото

Sharkbanz is a special device that is indispensable for divers and surfers. Enough to wear a bracelet to activate it, and an ultrasonic signal in the unpleasant sharks range will make you an unattractive target in the eyes of predators. By the way, even if you’re never going to deal with the sharks, is simply to follow an interesting account of the startup in instagram.

Alarming ring

Гаджеты, способные спасти вашу жизнь. Фото

“Nimb is your personal guardian angel,” the talk about as its creators. In General, it is the simple idea of “wearable” panic button to press which can be quickly and discreetly. The alarm is sent via the smartphone loved ones or the emergency services. Gadget is essential for people with chronic diseases and those who like to walk at night. By the way, this is a rare example when the relevant device becomes a stylish accessory.


Гаджеты, способные спасти вашу жизнь. Фото

If you had to read the title twice, don’t worry, it’s just an adaptation based on the device functions. Sawyer extractor pump kit is the kit to remove the poison through the bites of insects and snakes. The device itself is a powerful and convenient vacuum pump which can pull the poison from the wound. In addition, the kit shaver, sterile wipes and band-AIDS.

Multifunction keychain

Гаджеты, способные спасти вашу жизнь. Фото

Overall this gadget is nothing sverkunova no set of important tools, and only. But this compact monster can really help in an emergency, but because of the size will always be at hand. Among the 9 tools such as hammer, flashlight, knife, distress beacon and slightly less-important functions. Really would like to see these tools you’re not handy.

Emergency beacon

Гаджеты, способные спасти вашу жизнь. Фото

Signal means Rescue Me Balloon is designed to identify the location of people in distress. It is a small container of orange color, which is easy to take with you camping. To indicate the location you need to rip the cap, and a special balloon rises to an altitude of 45 metres. At night, the ball will flicker through the glowing ring, which accumulates solar energy during the day.

External antenna

Гаджеты, способные спасти вашу жизнь. Фото

Stylish gadget goTenna comes to the rescue when unable to cope the mobile network. The device allows to be connected to users of smartphones and tablets, even outside the access zone. The principle of action — the creation of a private network that allows you to send messages and your GPS coordinates by using low frequency waves. Range — up to 80 km.

Universal water filter

Гаджеты, способные спасти вашу жизнь. Фото

Anyone who has ever been Hiking and the outdoors, knows how acute for traveler the problem of clean water. Carbon filter Sawyer the ability to quickly filter out the water and make it suitable for consumption. A convenient form will not only use the filter as a nozzle on the bottle, but will drink water straight from the pond.

Charismatic defender

Гаджеты, способные спасти вашу жизнь. Фото

For lovers of nature, fans of romance of the campfire and tents set up CAMP gadget/y. This charming “beast” with the help of sensors monitors the important parameters around. It is able to detect wild animals and the people nearby, gas leakage, weather changes and other factors. The data is transmitted to the smartphone. In case of danger the device will be able to raise the alarm. In addition, CAMP/the y is able to operate an electronic repellent, and repel mosquitoes in a radius of 2 meters from myself. You see, an important skill.

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