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FSB beat a MSU graduate student for posted of Windows the flag of Ukraine

ФСБ избила аспиранта МГУ за вывешенный из окна флаг УкраиныSo young wanted to speak out against spending budget funds for the festival in honor of the annexation of Crimea.

Employees of FSB have detained and beaten a postgraduate student of historical faculty of Moscow state University after he hung out the window of the dormitory of the Ukrainian flag during a concert in honor of the annexation of Crimea.

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The young man was detained March 18, in the dormitory, came to him major Belovitskii from the police Department of Moscow state University and three people introduced themselves as FSB officers. Graduate students took a camera, phone and laptop, and then drove to the police station.

In the Department he was beaten, after which he was left with cuts and abrasions, which were recorded in the emergency room.

After questioning the young man was forced to write the receipt that he agrees to work as an informant for the FSB and the centre to combat extremism. Then he was forced to write in the arrest report that he was waving the flag and using foul language, then wrote a ticket for disorderly conduct.

Then the young man turned to the Committee for the prevention of torture.

“The policeman went away, and cops have started interrogation – who who you’re working for, who paid you. Forced to turn on laptop through the phone and the camera. Especially not beaten in the head with an open palm just in case a few times, poked a pointed MOP, which left some cuts and bruises”, – said the other detainee.

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