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From 1 August in Russia increases price on natural gas for the population

С 1 августа в России повышается цена на природный газ для населения

The price of natural gas for the population will increase from August 1, 2020 at 3%. The corresponding order of the FAS Russia N636/20 of 10 July was July 16, the Ministry of justice and published on the Official Internet portal of legal information, reports “Interfax”.For Moscow, Voronezh and Volgograd and Belgorod regions, the wholesale price of gas per 1 thousand cubic meters will be 3 thousand 921 ruble, Vladimir and Leningrad – 3 871 thousand rubles, and for KHMAO gas will cost 3 thousand rubles 140.

Not yet issued an order on indexation of gas prices for industry. However, earlier in the FAS, the Agency reported that in respect of both categories – and industry, and population, a decision was made and the documents submitted for registration to the justice Ministry. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The FAS at the beginning of April has published draft orders to increase from 1 July 2020 the regulated prices for gas “Gazprom” for the population and for industry by 3%. Moreover, the FAS appealed to the government not to index this year rates for population because of the epidemic coronavirus infection.

However, the preparation of the order was delayed and the price increase from 1 July 2020 did not happen.

In 2018, the prices were indexed by 3.4%, but in 2019 only 1.4%, this increase takes into account the increase in VAT from January 2019 from 18% to 20%. From 2020 the growth in gas prices in the macroeconomic forecast of the Russian Federation is planned at the level of 3%.


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