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For traveler: interesting facts about the inhabitants of Egypt. Photo

Туристу на заметку: интересные факты о жителях Египта. ФотоEach nation has its own peculiarities.

Something of these traditions we don’t understand, and that, on the contrary, we will find the spiritual response.

They go to visit after midnight

Туристу на заметку: интересные факты о жителях Египта. Фото

Relatives and friends in Egypt often visit each other, and these meetings usually have late in the evening. Guests can sit up to 12 nights, the closest, especially on weekends and during Ramadan, up to 2-3 hours a night. If this is not specified in advance the gala dinner, guests usually enjoy a drink, max a small snack. Most of the time, the Egyptians do not eat, and animatedly discuss everything, argue, joke — pure Epicureanism. If you visit, comes alien, it is, on the contrary, trying to feed all possible traditional dishes, to abandon them indecent.

They can let the night a stranger

Туристу на заметку: интересные факты о жителях Египта. Фото

In some areas of Upper Egypt, any traveller, who asked to stay by a local resident, will be immediately invited in, fed and put to bed, but only in the presence in this house of the special guest room located separately from other areas so as not to embarrass the female half of the house.

They delivered everything and everywhere

Туристу на заметку: интересные факты о жителях Египта. Фото

At any time of the day in most residential areas of major cities you can order groceries, ready meals and medicines at home. Even small shops often work all day (or at least until 3 am) for a small fee ($0.5) or even free ready to home delivery. In the daytime you can also order the delivery of tickets, cosmetics, clothes, furniture, etc. moreover, many Egyptians in response to the crisis buy things from dealers bringing goods from abroad and selling at a price lower than in the malls.

What you can do today, they will tomorrow

Туристу на заметку: интересные факты о жителях Египта. Фото

One of the most popular expression in Egypt — “Bukra” (tomorrow). The Egyptians, like many other Muslims, believe that everything in God’s hands. However, in Egypt this belief comes to the limit: whether the hot climate, whether natural relaxation lead to the fact that the actions promised over and over again to be postponed. To achieve the promised is usually very difficult and sometimes impossible. The Egyptians rarely denied a service, but not the fact that the words will follow.

They are tolerant

Туристу на заметку: интересные факты о жителях Египта. Фото

In Egypt, home to a large Coptic community, as well as a lot of foreigners coming to work or married to a local. In all cities you can find churches, especially in Cairo and Alexandria. Muslims and Christians can be friends throughout life, together, celebrate the religious holidays of each other.

Even within the same religion people may have different views on some points and remain friends. Common to see bridesmaids wearing completely different ways: one long skirt and a tightly tied headscarf, the other in jeans, a tunic and a turban, the third t-shirt with short sleeves and no headscarf. The marriages between Egyptians of different religions is extremely rare (unlike the marriages with foreign women).

The whole country paint eggs for Easter

Туристу на заметку: интересные факты о жителях Египта. Фото

The Egyptians believe that many of the dishes that are considered traditional in other countries, actually came from Egypt. For example, Armenian dolma is derived from the Egyptian dishes were and al and neb (“grape leaves”). Lazy cabbage rolls, peppers with rice and meat and any vegetable stuffed with rice — a reflection of the Egyptian cuisine mahshi. And even the tradition of dyeing eggs at Easter is rooted in the ancient Egyptian spring festival of sham EN Nissim (“floral fragrance”). To this day Egyptians regardless of religion color eggs with onion skin and beet red on the first Monday after Coptic Easter (Coptic Orthodox Church — the Christian Church of Egypt, is not included in the family of the Orthodox churches of the Byzantine tradition).

They rarely get divorced

Туристу на заметку: интересные факты о жителях Египта. Фото

Although young people are often practicing relations outside of marriage, in the end, the vast majority creates a family. Without formal marriage, the Egyptian couple is almost impossible to rent an apartment and even stay in most hotels. A decent family will never let his daughter with a man without additional support in the person of brother / mom on a trip abroad or even to another city, even if the engagement took place. Men usually get married closer to 30 years, when we have accumulated enough funds to provide for the family. Girls are suitable for marriage consciously, choosing a responsible and Mature companion, but try to have time to make it to 30 years. And divorce here is the latest means of solving problems.

They equally love all children

Туристу на заметку: интересные факты о жителях Египта. Фото

Kids here love and pet, which not always goes on favor: they can not sleep late, eat and drink whatever you want. Abortion not for medical reasons if a husband is a big disgrace, no matter how strained the relationship between husband and wife and whatever family income. The children try to give the best education to selling apartments and land to send to study abroad or in prestigious local University. Children’s homes exist, but there are usually children born out of wedlock, or orphaned, left not only without parents, but without a single relative, ready to take on parenting.

In the case of divorce, even if a man is very wealthy, he will fight for custody of the children, although the law in this case is usually the mother (the children remain under the care of the Muslim mother to 15 years, while the father is allowed to see the children at least once a week).

Together they share the trouble and joy

Туристу на заметку: интересные факты о жителях Египта. Фото

When someone has a grief, a person is not left alone, see him all the friends and relatives, talk, support, help around the house. However, a friend is not only in trouble, but in joy. The Egyptians are happy to share their happiness, inviting to the wedding all the relatives, friends, work colleagues and neighbors (the number of guests may start from 200 and reach up to 1000 people). Most Egyptians know how to be happy with what you have, regardless of profession and income.

They have a popular family home

Туристу на заметку: интересные факты о жителях Египта. Фото

Older people are treated with dignity, try to visit them as often as possible; especially hard-bound Egyptian men to their mothers. They can call them several times a day, to tell everything that happens to them, and constantly make a Declaration of love. Most young families live separately, nevertheless quite popular so-called family home when the whole family lives in the same house but on different floors.

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