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For traveler: interesting facts about the Argentines. Photo

Туристу на заметку: занимательные факты об аргентинцах. ФотоArgentina is a country with beautiful nature and rich culture.

It has everything: ocean, beaches, high mountains, hot deserts and beautiful waterfalls, small villages and developed cities with historical and architectural attractions. And what are the Argentines.

They consider themselves Europeans

Туристу на заметку: занимательные факты об аргентинцах. Фото

The Argentine nation was formed in the XIX–XX centuries immigrants from Europe, mostly Italians and Spaniards, also many came from France, England, Germany, Scandinavia, Poland, Ukraine and Russia. Unlike other South American countries (Peru, Chile, Paraguay, etc.), where European — conqueror-Conquistador, in Argentina, the European is the ancestor of the immigrant second and third generation. Themselves Argentinians, especially the people of Buenos Aires (known locally as “portenos”), consider themselves “the South European”, the fates decreed abandoned across the continent.

They can say “Hey, you!” politely

Туристу на заметку: занимательные факты об аргентинцах. Фото

Argentina is a Spanish speaking country. I know English mainly representatives of business and tourism sector. Say the Argentines in the local dialect of the Spanish language, and from region to region, the pronunciation may vary significantly. Quite often use the jargon, lunfardo came from the lower strata of the population, in which the Spanish language is intertwined with a distinctive Spanish-Italian dialect. Also in Argentina has its own special words that are not in other Spanish speaking countries. For example, here is a very popular treatment of che, translated, “Hey, you”, politely. And most importantly, they instead of “you” (tu), say “you” (vos) all in a row.

They — across-the owls

Туристу на заметку: занимательные факты об аргентинцах. Фото

Argentinians are very shifted time: all dinners, meetings and party starts after ten PM and usually last until dawn, even on weekdays. Many restaurants only at 20:00 open, which can create difficulties for tourists with kids. A full dinner in the Argentine the family starts around 22:00 and around 19:00 — some kind of snack. Bars and some cafes are open well after midnight. The conversation at the table leisurely and revolve around the three “elephants”: football, politics, family. Food on the move is considered the height of bad manners, and the table is not recommended to use the toothpicks and talking loudly.

They drink the tea through a straw

Туристу на заметку: занимательные факты об аргентинцах. Фото

Mate (beverage made from leaves of Holly Paraguayan) has become a national symbol. Argentines drink it round the clock: on the meetings and walks, studies and work, at the beach, picnics, cars and buses. At tea, add sugar to taste, honey, fruits, as you like, because the drink itself is bitter. For the Argentines mate — a ritual of brewing a drink — and offer — a sign of sympathy. Tea is drunk from a common vessel through the bombilla straw. If going to a large company, it is brewed a few matesic and they are passed around. Residents don’t use electric kettles because they are so beloved mate brewed with water which has not boiled.

They don’t understand what “headcheese”

Туристу на заметку: занимательные факты об аргентинцах. Фото

The Argentines inveterate meat-eaters, but absolutely do not understand Russian dishes such as Brawn and jelly. Here jelly is just sweet.

But every weekend they organize picnics with asado (beef fillet, chargrilled) and churrasco (meat roasted on a spit). There is no black bread and yogurt, so the meat is eaten with white bread and drink red wine.

They are obsessed with football. And politics

Туристу на заметку: занимательные факты об аргентинцах. Фото

Argentine tango is not just dance but a way of life. Argentine football is not just a game, but national pride. During the world Championships in educational institutions and schools and students are not learning, and watching football. When Argentina wins, the streets start riots. When he loses too. In General, Argentines like to arrange pickets and demonstrations (block traffic, beat the drums), to discuss politics and argue about football. Here tourists it is important to be prudent and not to argue.

They love close contact

Туристу на заметку: занимательные факты об аргентинцах. Фото

When dealing Argentines are as close to each other — at arm’s length. This is the norm of the local etiquette, so the desire to move away from the source will be regarded here as an unwillingness to communicate. If you’re constantly pushed, it is likely that the Argentine will move closer to you, in order to shorten the distance.

They kiss and shake hands when meeting and parting

Туристу на заметку: занимательные факты об аргентинцах. Фото

In this country all smile and give each other kisses and compliments. When meeting and farewell familiar people are supposed to kiss each other on the cheek, and both women and men (men kissing girlfriends, female friends also kiss each other). And try to shake hands in the European style and nod. Also, the greeting may be accompanied by a hug and a Pat on the shoulder. And if you consider the fact that meetings and visits for the day it happens a lot, then after a few days this behavior becomes a way of life: saw — kissed (shake hands or hug) — smile — moved on.

They don’t know the word “punctuality”

Туристу на заметку: занимательные факты об аргентинцах. Фото

The Argentines cheerful residents of Manyani (from Spanish mañana — tomorrow, “the day after tomorrow”, “later”). As soon as you hear the speech by the Argentinian word mañana — forget about the promised forever. For the most part these are empty words, meaningless absolutely, because the Argentines live today; their favorite expression is: “nothing to worry about today — tomorrow always comes”.

A delay of half an hour or an hour here is considered the norm. About her, and even more strange time the Argentines do not worry. And it seems that they are never in a hurry: even on the street and in the subway they are hard to overtake, because all the flow goes at the same speed. They say God sends foreigners to Argentina to teach them patience!

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