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For in*pendulum and K*DAC: in Russia the guy was sentenced to 160 hours of labor

За в*тников и к*цапов: в РФ парня приговорили к 160 часам исправительных работThe Prosecutor demanded for Hosenka 2 years probation, but after the guy pleaded guilty, the judge the sentence was commuted.

Judge of Kastrychnitski district court of Saratov Alexey Belov was sentenced to 160 hours of obligatory works of Alexander Gasenko in the case of extremism.

About it the Russian service Bi-bi-si said in court.

19-year-old city resident was accused of humiliation of human dignity, he was charged on the 282-th article of the Russian Criminal code.

As stated in court, the Prosecutor Ekaterina Zabelina, Gazenko, in particular, were placed in the social network “Vkontakte” comments with “jackets” and “Russians”. The word “jacket” got a new value after the start of the conflict in Eastern Ukraine.

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In these and other comments, Gazenko “contains linguistic and psychological signs of impulses to action of a violent nature against a group of persons of nationality”, was previously reported by the regional Prosecutor’s office.

The Prosecutor’s office asked to sentence Gosanko to two years of imprisonment conditionally with a trial period of two years.

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Himself 19-year-old defendant at the inquest gave evidence and pleaded guilty. In this regard, his case was considered in a special order.

Gazenko, the last word has asked to appoint to it the penalty. His defense had asked to take the punishment not related to deprivation of liberty.

Attorney Gazenko Oleg Soldatenko refused to comment on the verdict by the Russian service Bi-bi-si “prior to the entry into force”.

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