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Five rules of renting your own property

Пять правил сдачи в аренду собственной недвижимостиExperts suggested how to act if you don’t want to mess with intermediaries, handing over his property to rent.

To date, rent apartments without intermediaries in demand among potential tenants. The explanation is that by entering into a lease directly with the landlord, the person can be sure that it is not deceived by the scammers earn good money on this. In this regard, there are many possibilities of renting your own property. The most convenient and popular way is to rent an apartment on the website 100realty.ua.

The experts shared the basic rules of the rental housing without intermediaries:

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1. To define the target audience of tenants to begin the search. You can rent property long term or for daily/hourly. In the second case, income from renting the apartment or house will be much higher, but the hassle will be greater.

2. To get your house in order. If you are going to rent an apartment, or a house, before signing of the contract with the tenants, you should spend General cleaning, fix anything that is out of order. The only way you will be able to give a higher rent, in the opposite situation to make a profit from the rent is not worth it.

3. Search of tenants. The people themselves will not come to you, they should know that you rent property to rent. Make a good photo of the object and place ads on various websites, specializing in buying/selling and renting real estate. “Word of mouth” in this case also works perfectly. You can put an ad in the newspaper. These methods are very convenient, because you just show the condition of the apartment, describe what kind of furniture/crockery/appliances are in the house, and call cost. Thus, the person who wants to rent housing, will know in advance whether to call on your room phone or need to look any further.

4. To enter into a contract with the tenant. This document will need to tenants and to you, so be sure to sign it. It shall contain passport information of both parties. By signing this contract, you agree to give the tenant on written in the document, the term right to stay in your living space, and the tenant agrees to a mandatory and timely payments for leased housing. Especially concerned with the rule of “pay for 1 and last month rent or for the 3-6 months in advance, but if the contract of employment to worry about. Also, it is possible to certify the document notarially, but it will require additional investments.

5. To pay taxes. The law prescribes the duty of the citizens of Ukraine to contribute 13% of all types of earnings to the Tax office. The tax evasion is threatened with administrative or criminal liability, and it should be remembered.

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