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Five minutes of laughter: humorous anecdotes from the real masters of sarcasm

Пять минут хохота: смешные анекдоты от настоящих мастеров сарказмаFunny jokes for good people.

The humor is different – professional, black, kind, and even strange.

In our review of the collected cards that will appreciate first and foremost fans of weird humor.

It is very ambiguous at first glance these jokes. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The husband turns to his wife:
I choose healthy foods.
Great. And what did you have for dinner?
— For dinner today I have five healthy pork chops with potatoes and healthy this bottle of beer.

A guy came to go to College. All good, but when the checks began to make excuses:
Only know my great-grandfather was a pirate.
In admissions laughing, and the man continues:
— And my dad was a Jew.
The Chairman frowns and says:
— We, young people, all Nations are equal, but that the family were pirates is very bad.

Every winter, especially in snow and ice, it seems that the trauma our institutions sign a contract with the city utilities of not preparing for winter.

— Dear, today I saw such a wonderful and cheap mink boa…
— Dear, our mole said yesterday that for the next 60 years the food she is provided.

Hate it when you flaunt smart words. It’s just the essence of declarative Golubeva.

The mother, seeing off the son in army, can accelerate the platform to 50 km/h.

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